Sell your digital products with Themedd

Themedd is a free WordPress theme that integrates seamlessly with Easy Digital Downloads and its extensions.

Themedd was built for Easy Digital Downloads Created, maintained and supported by the Easy Digital Downloads team.

Themedd & EDD, better together

The seamless integration between Themedd and Easy Digital Downloads is simply beautiful. Your store will look clean and consistent, with enhanced styling for popular EDD extensions.

Sell digital products & services

With Themedd, you can build an elegant store powered by Easy Digital Downloads to sell your eBooks, software, mp3s, video courses, photos, PDFs, design or development services, and much more.

Build a marketplace that converts

Make your marketplace memorable! Themedd fully supports the Frontend Submissions extension with enhanced default styling for an attractive, easy-to-navigate marketplace.

The perfect starting point for your digital store Use Themedd right out of the box or make it your own.

Less is the new more

Themedd was designed to look clean and simple. With consistent spacing, tidy menus, slick form styling, headings, tables and more, Themedd is fuss-free straight out of the box.

Flexible, developer-friendly code

Themedd has clean code that is readily extensible. Unlock your store’s potential and create a completely custom site with Themedd as the foundation.

Back to basics

Themedd is light as a feather with carefully-coded features for a speedy site. If you need additional functionality such as sliders or a page builder, you can use your favorite plugins with Themedd.

Features A few of the features included in Themedd.

Find your style

Included are over 30 color controls to help fine-tune your style and create a unique website.

Core WordPress features

Add your site logo, custom header image and background image. Create menus, add widgets and more!

Distraction free checkout

Simplify the checkout, improve the customer's experience and lower cart abandonment.

Start selling your digital products with Themedd We're excited to see how you'll use it!

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