If you currently sell digital products with Easy Digital Downloads, (or are planning to) you’ve come to the right place!

Themedd is a free and open-source WordPress theme. It aims to create the perfect starting point for your Easy Digital Downloads project(s) by providing a seamless integration with Easy Digital Downloads and its extensions. All wrapped in a clean and simple design.

You can use Themedd right out of the box, or create your own color scheme using the built-in options. Like Easy Digital Downloads, Themedd is super extensible when you need it to be. This site was made using Themedd, as were our other product websites, AffiliateWP.com and RestrictContentPro.com.

How much does Themedd cost?
It’s free! You can download it now from the Easy Digital Downloads site.

Who built Themedd?
Themedd was built by Andrew Munro and the Easy Digital Downloads team.

Can I see a demo of the theme?
Absolutely, here’s a demo.

Where can I get support?
Support is provided by the Easy Digital Downloads team.