Version 1.0.8, September 23, 2021

  • Fix PHP notice when changing number of widget columns.
  • Fix PHP warning with EDD downloads pagination.
  • Fix Affiliate registration form from Affiliate Forms for Gravity Forms add-on not displaying.
  • Dev: Compatibility with EDD 3.0.

Version 1.0.7, May 21, 2019

  • Fix Tables within Frontend Submissions' vendor dashboard now allow horizontal scrolling

Version 1.0.6, August 15, 2018

  • Fix Missing textdomains
  • Fix Path to Genericons font
  • Fix Nonce not passed when removing cart items
  • Fix “From” pricing not listing the lowest price on downloads listing

Version 1.0.5, January 4, 2018

  • Tweak Updated the AffiliateWP dashboard.php template file
  • Tweak Removed microdata in preparation for migration to JSON-LD
  • Tweak Updated theme’s screenshot.png file
  • Fix Improved spacing on the "Recent Posts" widget
  • Fix PHP notices when trying to activate an invalid license key
  • Fix Custom classes not being added via edd_downloads_list_wrapper_class filter

Version 1.0.4, November 2, 2017

  • Tweak The vendor sidebar now retrieves the avatar size from themedd_edd_download_author_options() for consistency
  • Fix Added alt tags to all images called via get_avatar()
  • Fix Improved styling of AffiliateWP registration form when logged in
  • Fix The customer header (if set) no longer shows at checkout if Distraction Free Checkout is enabled
  • Fix Fatal error that could occur in the customizer if Easy Digital Downloads is not active

Version 1.0.3, October 17, 2017

  • New A header search box has been introduced which can be enabled from the Customizer’s “Theme Options” section.
  • New A “Restrict Header Search” customizer option has been added to the “Easy Digital Downloads” customizer panel. This allows only downloads to be shown in the search results when searching via the header search.
  • New Improved search results for downloads. If “Restrict Header Search” is enabled, the search results will show downloads in a grid.
  • New Color controls for the new header search have been added to the customizer
  • New A "Custom Post Type Archive Title” customizer setting has been added to configure the title on the /downloads page provided by Easy Digital Downloads
  • Tweak General CSS improvements
  • Tweak The themedd_edd_download_grid_options filter now filters all download grids, including those outputted by the [downloads] shortcode
  • Fix The /downloads archive page now inherits any classes added via EDD’s edd_download_class filter
  • Fix Added better CSS support for Amazon Payments
  • Fix Fixed description of the “Cart Icon Color” customizer option
  • Fix Item count not decreasing correctly when using the [download_cart] shortcode

Version 1.0.2, September 20, 2017

  • New "Footer Site Info Color” customizer option
  • New Improved integration with the EDD Coming Soon extension
  • New Added a themedd_edd_distraction_free_checkout filter hook
  • New Added a themedd_edd_download_footer_start action hook to the download footer function
  • New Added a themedd_edd_show_price filter hook
  • New Added a themedd_edd_show_buy_button filter hook
  • Tweak CSS styling related to the download meta
  • Tweak Centered the "Your cart is empty” message only if there is no sidebar
  • Fix PHP notice "Undefined index” when adding either the Themedd: Download Details or Themedd: Download Author widgets via the customizer
  • Fix Prevented the "Only for use in Download Sidebar" notice from appearing on the Themedd: Download Details or Themedd: Download Author widgets while on the Download Sidebar within the customizer
  • Fix Moved the affwp_affiliate_dashboard_tabs hook to the correct location

Version 1.0.1, September 10, 2017

  • New Added "edd-empty-cart" body class when the cart is empty
  • New Added additional developer hooks for the sidebar, download sidebar, single vendor sidebar, download details widget and download author widget
  • Tweak themedd_edd_download_categories() and themedd_edd_download_tags() now inherit full parameters of get_the_term_list()
  • Tweak Renamed "items-in-cart" body class to "edd-items-in-cart" for consistency
  • Tweak Improved search results when no results are found
  • Tweak Improved display of author archive page when no sidebar widgets are being used
  • Fix Improved display of the post thumbnail on the content.php template part
  • Fix Improved positioning of the "restore previous cart" link at checkout when the cart is empty
  • Fix Improved display of author info box when a author's biography was short
  • Fix Prevented the link color in the customizer from affecting buttons
  • Fix The Themedd: Download Details widget will now correctly appear if "Show date published" or "Show number of sales” are the only options enabled
  • Fix Prevent unnecessary HTML from being loaded if the EDD cart is completely turned off
  • Fix Prevented a fatal error from occurring if a version of PHP less than 5.5 is being used with Easy Digital Downloads
  • Fix Allow the link hover color to affect the post navigation hover color

Version 1.0, August 21, 2017

  • Initial Release